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Giving Back

Committed to those we serve

The Bergen County Coaches Association is a non-profit organization and therefore all money collected is earmarked for the greater good. We pay the expenses then give the rest away in the form of scholarships.


"Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself."

-- John Dewey

Schoarship Opportunities

2022 BCCA Lou Lanzallotto Scholarship


The BCCA will be award The Lou Lanzallotto Scholarship to male athletes scheduled to graduate in June 2017. The BCCA presents this scholarship each year to one graduating male athlete from each membership school.


Lou Lanzalotto coached for over 30 years at Paramus High School. He made his name as a legendary Track Coach and served the BCCA as Treasurer, Secretary and President.


We invite you to submit the name of a senior male athlete from your school for consideration. The athlete should emulate the outstanding qualities of Coach Lanzallotta: Sportsmanship, commitment, dedication and loyalty to his team. He should also serve as a role model to the entire student body. Last year’s scholarship awards were $500. Awards can be split between two athletes at the school's discretion.


To submit your candidate, please fill out THIS APPLICATION via google doc.

Ray Siegrist Scholarship


This scholarship program was established in 2002 to recognize the contributions & commitment of Mr. Ray Siegrist to the coaches and athletes of Bergen County high school athletic programs. As a coach, member of the BCCA Executive Board, and, most important, as Executive Treasurer of the BCCA, Ray always demonstrated that the BCCA needed to give back to the athletes and coaches wherever and whenever it could. The establishment and growth of the Lou Lanzalotto Scholarship Fund can be directly attributed to his advocacy. Ray knew the importance of first-rate coaching and recognized how superior high school coaches make the difference in budding student athletes. He knew the importance of scholastic sports in developing the positive morals and characteristics needed to be a contributing member of society. In short, he knew the value of high school athletics.



This scholarship program was established to recognize the contributions BCCA members make to the high school experience in preparing student athletes for post-secondary education. It recognizes athletes who understand the value of high school athletics in both work and deed.


Scholarships of $1000.00 will be awarded. The scholarship is to be used for expenses associated with attendance at a 4-year college or university. Scholarship recipients will be notified by phone or mail. A check will be mailed when official enrollment to an accredited institution is provided.


For Eligibility Requirements/Entry Procedure & Application: 



Submit completed application packet to:

Mr. Bill Jaeger

44 Haring Street 

Bergenfield,  NJ  07621

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